Bronisław Krzysztof was born in 1956. He had his first individual exhibition at the ZPAP gallery in Bielsko-Biała. His sculptures were presented at the Jeune Peinture Jeune Expression exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris. He won ZPAP commision for a memorial Poległym za Polskę in Bielsko-Biała. For his sculpture of Dante, Krzysztof was awarded a Gold Medal at the VII Biennale Internazionale del Bronzetto Dantesco in Ravenna. At the Inny Świat gallery, the artist had his first individual exhibition in Cracow. The solo exhibition called Bronisław Krzysztof Sculpture was shown in Bielsko-Biała, Częstochowa, Cracow and Warsaw.
He started working on his cycle Angel. Krzysztof participated in the exhibition entitled The Studio of Zofia Demkowska, organised by the Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. With his participation in the exhibition Modern Polish Masters in London, Bronisław Krzysztof began his co-operation with Helen de Borchgrave, his first art dealer. He began work on the cycle Portrait of a certain Situation. Krzysztof presented these works at the individual exhibition in Cracow and Warsaw. Then they were exhibited at the Polish Cultural Institute in London and Galerie d’Orsay in Paris. The Portrait of an Architect, a sculpture made of numerous movable elements, allowing for the sculpture to be freely composed, was created.

For the first time, the artist exhibited his medals in the Museum of Medal Art in Wrocław, and then in Bielsko-Biała. In the Centre of Japanese Art and technology ‘Manggha’ in Cracow the artist had another individual exhibition. The artist began work on the cycle Conjurers. The cycle Sign was begun. The sculpture Dream, a continuation of a cycle of the same title previously realised only in medals, was created. Krzysztof was invited to participate in the exhibition A Shriek from and Invisible Box, organised by the Meguro Museum of Art in Tokyo on the occasion of the new millennium. The exhibition took place in 2001. He exhibited his sculptures, medals and sketches during a show in Oberlandesgerights in Koeln and Galeria Rzeźby in Warsaw. The artist had an individual exhibition in the Arsenal of the Czartoryski Museum in Cracow. Four subsequent individual exhibitions of the artist took place: in Espace Sisley and Institut Polonais in Paris, Juelich and Bielsko-Biała. During the exhibition A Touch of Light, that took place in an Auction House ‘Sztuka’ in Warsaw and Cracow IRSA Publishing House launched a publication about the artist of the same title. Another individual show took place in Arndeen gallery in London. The artist started co-operating with art dealer Jan Krugier and the Jan Krugier, Ditesheim & Cie Gallery in Geneve. 

Bronisław Krzysztof exhibited his sculptures and medals in the City Museum in Bielsko-Biała. He created sculptures in co-operation with Peter Marino, prominent architect from New York. Krzysztof worked on the granite sculpture Rider during a plein-air workshop. More individual exhibitions took place in Lithuania, entitled Three routes. The cycle Cathedral was begun. The artist created another granite sculpture entitled Lady. The artist began work on the cycle How Beautiful He Is.