Since 1981 Bronisław has been working on his own projects in the fields of sculpture, medals and design. He works as a product designer and also in visual arts ranging from posters to graphics.  


His artworks are included in numerous private collections and are used in public spaces of many countries. 


He has been a designer for SISLEY Cosmetics Paris for 25 years. He works on cosmetics packaging and on interior designs for Sisley's retail spaces. 


Bronislaw Krzysztof's works have been displayed on over 40 individual exhibitions and over 160 group exhibitions around the world.


His artworks have been shown at exhibitions in Poland and nineteen countries globally, such as the USA, Japan, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Greece, Italy and Lithuania. The artists also has his own gallery of his works. 


The artist has created over 160 sculptures. Owners of his works include Gustavo Cisneros, Ann Gordon Getty, Hubert Isabelle d’Ornano, Alfred Taubman, Claude Bernard, Françoise Ferre, Jean-Marrie Rossie, Susie Sainsbury, Marchioness of Salisbury, Elise Basile Goulandris, Sir Tatton Sykes, Stephen K. Scher.  


His works have been comissioned, among others, by Dodie Rosekrans, David Rothschild, Garavani Valentino, Roland de L'Espée, Peter Marino, Alberto Pinto.


His artworks are in the collections of Polish museums such as the Silesian Museum Katowice, City Museum Wrocław, City Museum Bielsko-Biała, National Museum Cracow; and also in the collections of international museums British Museum, Museum Contemporary Art Basil and Elise Goulandris, Museum Kremnica.


Bronisław Krzysztof created artworks in public spaces. They include Marie Skłodowska-Curie sculpture in Warsaw, DNA monument in Wrocław, as well as projects in Paris and Naples. One of his latest public space commissions is SCULPTURE - GRANITE at the yard of King's Palace of Museum of City Wrocław. He recently completed work on the monument commemorating the Polish war hero General Stanisław Maczek outside the City Chambers in Edinburgh.


He has won many prizes and competitions. He was rewarded the Gold Medal - VII V Bienalle Internazionale Dantesca, Rawenna, 1985; Honorary Diploma of Polish Art and Culture Minister 1988; Silver Plaque, collective prize, VIII Biennale Internazionale Dantesca, Ravenna 1988; "Icarus" prize of mayor of Bielsko-Biała for exceptional achievement, 1994; Chevalier de l’Ordre Templier Vigne et Olivier, A.S.A.P, France Association pour la Sauvegarde de’l'Art et du Patrimoine en France- Paris, 2005; Platinum Laurel "Ambassador of Polish Affairs", Chamber of Laurers of Abilities and Competencies, Katowice 2005; Golden Cross of Achievement, President of Poland, 2008; Gloria Artis Silver Medal for Cultural Achievements, 2016. He's an active member of the following art organisations: POLART, FIDEM, ZPAP (Association of Polish Artists and Designers).


Bronisław Krysztof's art has been written about by many art critics, among others, by Józef Grabski, Tadeusz Nyczek, Mashiko, Piotr Szubert, Janina Ładnowska, Tamara Książek, Kerstin Mey, Marek Bartelik, Huon Mallalieu, Hella Nocke-Schrepper, Terence Mullaly, Weronika Kosmala. There have also been many documentaries created about the artist's work. 

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